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We carry a full line of top quality products on all of our jobs
For 50 Years ACE Boat Lifts has been competitively supplying Florida with the best Lifts on the market. When you buy an ACE Boat Lift, you not only get the best Lift on the market, you also get a support team of individuals who are professionals in their field, ready to assist you for a lifetime for all your boat lift needs. As a proud Dealer for ACE Boat Lifts, Midcoast Marine Group will stand behind every ACE Boat Lift we install. Click the logo to check out the ACE Boat Lift website to get a full list of products Midcoast Marine Group can provide you with!
Midcoast Marine Group is proud to offer the full line of all Decks and Docks Marine Products. For marine grade lumber, decking, and dock supplies for homes, resorts, or marinas, check out the exceptional products at Decks & Docks. They carry everything Midcoast Marine Group needs to build, repair, or enhance your decks, docks, piers, and seawalls. Click the logo to link you to Decks and Docks website to see everything Midcoast Marine Group can offer you on your next project!
Marina Products and Equipment is the premiere provider for all marina and dock equipment and accessories. Midcoast Marine Group can offer and install all of Marine Products Accessories. Visit their website to find out what options you would like Midcoast Marine Group to install on your upcoming project.
Crane Materials International (CMI) revolutionized the sheet piling industry more than thirty years ago with the introduction of ShoreGuard Vinyl Sheet Piling. Midcoast Marine Group is Proud to offer all CMI Product Services. Visit CMI website to find out more on their products.

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