Seawall Construction – Protecting the Coast of Clearwater

Clearwater: the name alone evokes the pristine beauty of this beach town. Over 100,000 people live in this city, and millions more visit it every year. The stunning arches of the Sunshine Skyway, deep blue hue of the bay, soft sand of the beaches, and fluffy, rolling clouds create memorable vistas for all. For these reasons, and more, Clearwater was recently voted “the best beach town in Florida” in a USA Today survey. However, even if you live in Clearwater or have enjoyed its attractions, there’s much you may not know about this extraordinary place. At Midcoast Marine Group, LLC, we’re proud to serve all cities in the greater Tampa Bay area, including and especially Clearwater. In the following blog, we pay homage to this marine metropolis and top tourist destination by teaching you more about it.

Clearwater 101

As you may already know, Clearwater is located in the Tampa Bay area of Florida, on the central west coast of the state. According to Suburban Stats, the total population of Clearwater is 107, 685. The city’s demographics are roughly split between men and women, with a median age of 43. There are approximately 47,000 “occupied homes in Clearwater.” However, these residential numbers don’t tell the full story of Clearwater. According to the Tampa Bay Business Journal, the town recently “helped break state tourism records” with a staggering “105 million visitors.”

Clearwater continues to flourish both as a tourist destination and a place to live. The City of Clearwater’s Strategic Vision Statement includes specific aims for a more ideal locale. The local government works to construct a Clearwater “that is socially and economically diverse; that invests for the future; and that is a wonderful place to live, learn, work, visit, and play.” With these aims, Clearwater is on the precipice of an even better, brighter future.

The Harbor’s History

Like most American cities, Clearwater has an intricate history, having been home to many peoples. My Clearwater tells the story from the very beginning: “when this area was known only to the Native Americans, clear springs gurgled from the banks into the bay.” They marveled in the beauty of this picturesque landscape for centuries. In 1528, “Spanish explorer Panfilo de Narvaez” arrived, and the area early settlers called “Clear Water Harbor” might have been “the exact place he first stepped” in the “New World.” Of course, Panfilo de Narvaez was not the last explorer in Clearwater. Others included “Hernando de Soto” and “Pedro Menendez,” who “search[ed] for a route across Florida” and established “Jesuit Missions” in the area.

When “Florida became a territory in 1822,” Clear Water Harbor became a part of the United States.The city survived the “Seminole Indian Wars of 1835,” and with the “Federal Armed Occupation Act of 1842,” settlers flooded to the area. The railroad came to Clear Water Harbor in 1888 and the city officially became “Clearwater” in 1895. Twenty years later, with tourists beginning to take note of beach’s appeal, the “city of Clearwater was incorporated on May 27, 1915.” From then until now, “the population continued to steadily climb,” with more and more people coming to Clearwater for recreation and residence.

The Clearwater Climate

One of Clearwater’s most characteristic attributes is its gorgeous weather. According to U.S. Climate Data, the average high temperature ranges from a pleasant 71 degrees Fahrenheit in the cooler months to a balmy 91 degrees in the heat of summer. As a typical tropical town, Clearwater “gets 52 inches of rain per year,” an increase from “the US average” of “29 inches,” as per Best Places’ data. The sun shines “240 days per year,” and the city received an overall score of “85 out of 100 [with 100 being the most desirable]” on the Sperling “comfort index.” Clearwater’s exceptional clemency makes it an enticing place to spend time, whether you’re there for work, amusement, or daily living.

Safeguarding the City

Life by the water is an essential element of Clearwater. However, building businesses and homes along the gulf carries certain risks. While Best Places gives Clearwater a very favorable ranking for climate comfort, it also notes that Sperling calls “West Florida Tampa-St.Petersburg-Sarasota-Clearwater)” one of “the worst places for hurricanes.” Stormy seas can be unpredictable. Powerful waves could pummel against the coastline, possibly beating up businesses, damaging homes, or, worse yet, putting the people of Clearwater at risk.

Fortunately, there is much that can be done to shore up these shores. Midcoast Marine Group, LLC, is proud to construct seawallsand more to keep coastal cities like Clearwater safe. We’ve made it our mission to protect and preserve the rich history, evident allure, and remarkable residents of these stunning shorelines and providing addition services like , constructing docks and marinas and boat lifts to make the most out of this beautiful region.

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