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Marine Construction Services by MidCoast Marine Group LLC - Tampa Bay


Midcoast Marine Group specializes in Custom Dock Construction. We can Design and Build any size dock to fit our customer’s needs. We can get creative! Midcoast Marine Group is constantly evolving as we try new innovative products, giving our customers the best bang for your buck. We carry full lines of Composite Decking, Marine Grade Pressure Treated, and Stainless Steel Hardware. Your business if very important to us, at Midcoast Marine Group we stand behind our work to ensure our customers’ investments are protected and built to last.


Midcoast Marine Group specializes in Seawall Construction. We can repair your old seawall or construct a new seawall. We carry a full line of Vinyl Seawall Products in all sizes to fit each individual project need.
For those larger projects, we also pre-cast Concrete Seawall Panels to custom fit each individual property. There is no project to small or large. Our fleet of marine equipment is capable of completing the job. At Midcoast Marine Group we know how important Seawalls are to the property owner. Protect your investment and trust Midcoast Marine Group to stabilize your shoreline.

Boat Lifts

Midcoast Marine Group specializes in Boat Lift Construction. We have partnered with some of the best Boat Lift suppliers / manufactures in Florida which gives us the opportunity to offer the most competitive prices to our customers. We carry Boat Lifts that range from 4,000 lbs – 24,000 lbs. We can also custom design a lift to fit your needs when our clients are restricted by space. We will carry your project through the entire process, from design, permitting, and then installation of the desired boat lift. Check out our products page for a full list and designs of our signature Boat Lifts. Choose Midcoast Marine Group for all your Boat Lift needs!


Midcoast Marine Group specializes in Piling Installation for all land and sea applications. We have a full fleet of Cranes & Barges capable of accessing any project site. We install Wood, Concrete, & Steel Piling for any kind of project related to Docks, Marinas, Bridge, Piers, Fenders, & Foundations. We also have drill rigs capable of penetrating those hard layers of rock.  We travel across all across central Florida for Residential and Commercial/ Industrial Projects. We also carry all up to date OSHA & Mine Certifications!


Midcoast Marine Group specializes in shoring and stabilization. We know our clients shorelines are important and need to be maintained. Using our marine construction services, we can custom build a shoreline stabilization plan that we ensure the longevity of your property and protection against potential erosion. Rip/Rap Rubble, Geoweb Mats, and Sheet Piling are just a few examples of service products we can supply your with to stabilize your project.


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